22 ноября
Выезд на полосу встречного движения: различные нарушения, связанные с выездом на встречку, и ответственность за них. Дальше »

21 ноября
Руководство российской ГИБДД продолжает разъяснять особенности новых правил дорожного движения, а именно ситуации связанные с выездом на полосу встречного движения. Дальше »

12 ноября
Ужесточение ответственности за нарушения дорожных правил породило огромное количество спорных случаев. Дальше »

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Legal Assistance in Road Accidents

After any road accident occurs, it is inevitable that a problem arises concerning determination of the person really guilty of the accident, as well as the persons responsible for indemnification of moral and material damages in courts, and the payments by insurance companies. In this case it is absolutely essential for the automobilists to get a timely legal assistance.
Our lawyers will always render you competent legal support and protect your interests in relevant authorities.

In any case, a road accident means stress and shock. Drivers can get confused and act thoughtlessly, due to which they could suffer serious damages. Majority of them, not having special knowledge, under the pressure of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate representatives and insurance agents, are “getting lost” amidst the diverse rules of law and legal proceedings. Therefore it is extremely important – both for the victims and parties in fault – to timely turn to the lawyers specialized in legal assistance in road accidents.

If you turn to us, you will easily cope with all the difficulties with minimum efforts and time spent. Our jurist will evaluate your situation and advise you of possible options of its further development, and also elaborate a strategy and tactics for managing your case.

Please call us and we will help you!